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One of the things I miss in Toronto is nearby cross-country ski trails.  There is nothing I like better on a sunny winter day than to strap on my skis and enjoy winter.  Home for the holidays, I took full advantage of the nearby proximity of Gatineau and skied half a dozen time with friends and family.  The weather cooperated (only on Christmas was it below -20!) and the skiing glorious, as Ottawa had received over half its  average annual snowfall before the New Year.  


One of my best skis so far this season was with Sitelle and her partner.  We trekked about 16 km in the south end of Gatineau, going up and up and up the 15 to the MacKenzie King Estate before gliding gently home on the parkway.  The scenery was idyllic, with the snow glistening on tree branches.  We managed to work up a large appetite – luckily my family had planned a large prime rib roast for Sunday dinner. 

Nothing quite beats a little yorkshire pudding with roast beef.  We discovered this recipe from Brian Turner via food.com that looked quick, simple, and delicious.  The only modification we made was to add in a little rosemary to the mix. And we certainly weren’t disappointed.  The Yorkshire Puddings were divine – crisp on the outside and delightfully fluffy on the inside.  I’ll certainly be looking for my next excuse to make Yorkshire Pudding sometime soon! 



Yorkshire Pudding

(serves ~6)



– 1 cup plain flour

– 1 cup egg

– 1 cup milk

– salt to taste

– 2 Tbsp chopped fresh rosemary


Preheat the oven to 425F. Put a teaspoon of oil/butter/beef drippings in each of several muffin tins until the fat is really hot and beginning to smoke (about 1-2 minutes). Meanwhile combine the rest of the ingredients and beat to form a batter of the consistency of double cream.

Working quickly to keep the muffin tins as hot as possible, pour in the batter, making sure to avoid overfilling.  Put the tin back into the top of the oven as soon as possible.  Bake for about 20-25 minutes until the Yorkshire Pudding is puffed up and crisp.

– Bon appetit!

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