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You might have noticed I’ve been away (thanks for the great posts, Catherine). I needed a break, some perspective. I was itching to see the world.

And in a way, I had been hoping that I could capture the essence of my adventure in Central America in a few words.  At least, the essence of what food is, in those tropical latitudes.  Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador (fleetingly), and Nicaragua. Perhaps I can.

Frijoles.  Huevos.  Sal.  Mas frijoles, mas huevos, mas sal.  Todos fritos.

Well, it appears that was easy.  I ate a tremendous amount of beans, eggs, and more salt than I thought I could deal with.  I thought there was a salt problem in Canada.  Perhaps the climate of constant sweating allows salt intakes to be higher, but I can’t imagine that much salt is ever a good idea.

And yet, as I think about all those beans and eggs I ate, I can remember many other exciting meals and snacks.  In fact, simplifying it to beans, eggs, and salt is not really fair at all, because although I probably did eat those every day, there were many, many other treats I discovered along the way, in homes, restaurants, chaotic buses, and markets.

Perhaps it will take me to the end of the summer, but I hope to share some of those meals and snacks I discovered along the way.  From the new ways to eat mangoes I learned in Belize, tamales of the Maya people thoughout, plantain tostones, absolutely delicious beef baho, to heavenly fruit throughout, I hope you will enjoy these recipes and treats as much as I did.

The first recipe I want to share with you is Caribbean Fish. Appropriately, it is the absolute first thing I ate upon landing in Belize City, and it was a common meal for the remainder of my time in Belize.  Soon, after I discovered I had chosen to go to Belize at the absolute hottest time of the year, I began to crave spicy food. This flavourful fish, combined with Marie Sharp’s famous hot hot hot sauce (unique in that it is carrot-based) and a Belikin Stout – was the perfect thing for the hot weather. And very soon, as I travelled southward to Hopkins, I discovered I could even watch the fishermen in the morning who would catch dinner for the village later that night.

Caribbean Fish

Serves 4


-2 whole large snappers, cleaned and gutted (or 4 small ones)
-8 sprigs fresh coriander, washed
-2 cloves garlic, germs removed, and sliced
-1-2 jalapenos, washed and sliced
-1 Tbsp ground black pepper
-2 tsp salt
-1 lime
-1-2 Tbsp cooking oil of your choice (canola, for example)

-Hotsauce, such as Marie Sharp’s if you are lucky enough to have some, or whatever is your favourite


Rince the fish and make 3 angled slashes on each side to stuff seasonings into the flesh. In a small bowl, mix the salt and pepper. Slice the garlic and jalapeno. Using your fingers, rub the salt and pepper mix into the slashes and the fish cavities, and sprinkle a bit over the skin. Then place a slice of jalapeno and a bit of garlic into each slash of all the fish. Stuff the remainder of the garlic and jalapeno, as well as the coriander sprigs, into the stomach cavity of the fish. Add a squirt of lime juice to each fish.

Leave the fish to marinate shortly (10-15 min) in the fridge before cooking.

Serve the fish with fried plantain, rice and beans, or whatever you like to accompany your fish with, as well as some hot-sauce if you feel like it.


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